legacy and generational wealth

For Family Offices & UHNWI


Clarity treats your family like our family, while preserving and growing legacy and generational wealth

We achieve this goal by being opportunistic, both within the macro and micro markets, and with a diligent investment selection process.

Our values of discipline, respect, and integrity are very important to us and those that we work with. You will hear this over and over at Clarity: one of the cornerstones of our relationship must be alignment of interests. Clarity does not work for investors in an asymmetric manner, only when you are successful for investing with us then will we be successful ourselves—this is truly an alignment of interest.

Clarity makes the center of its business model to be a good steward of legacy and generational investment funds.

We do this by placing your family office investment funds along side our own capital to show the conviction of the investment decision and following through with its execution. While some of our investment opportunities are shorter in term, make no mistake that we aren’t out to only make a fast profit. Each investment fits well into our larger generational plan to continue your family’s legacy, as well as our own.

How it Works

Working with Clarity is simple: we believe in common sense, easy to understand investments for your family's investment portfolio. We don't work with people that we don't know and don't have an alignment of interest with.


To get started, we set up an introductory call.

Once we figure out we’re a good fit, we will move forward to an in-person meeting to ensure that we will be able to start building our long-term relationship on the right foot. After all, we don’t want to do just one investment with your family office—we want to do dozens.


At Clarity Equity Group, we do not pile on excessive fees or loads simply because of your family’s financial success.

We follow our “10 Commandments of Commercial Real Estate” to acquire directly, or invest as a partner in low-basis assets in desirable and growing markets.


We bring our strategy to fruition by focusing on these centers of gravity:

  • Clarity has in-house teams to source, conduct due diligence, and act on debt and equity private placements as either a direct investment or via a partnership.
  • We leverage our unique and well-groomed proprietary network of real estate sponsors and superior investment managers. Maintaining relationships with not only our partners but our own deal-flow sources is one of our highest priorities.

Our job is not to place investment capital; it is to make a safe return on the invested capital: 

  • As real estate is a very factional, inefficient and cyclical asset class, we have plenty of opportunities to find the right deal for us.
  • Once we’ve found and funded a deal, it is then up to the art and science of extracting maximum value from that deal. At Clarity, we have been practicing these crafts for more than a dozen years.

Clarity does not create or manage blind pool funds.

Every investment that is made is one-off. This allows you to pass-or-play on each opportunity purely on its merits and timing, and not due to any sort of investment mandate. Our investors have enjoyed this flexibility since our inception. We pride ourselves on our ability to be creative and flexible on terms and structure of individual investments.

Why invest in a relationship with Clarity Equity Group?

Quick. Professional. Decisive. Like Minded.

From its inception, we designed Clarity to buck the trend in stodgy real estate and alternative asset investments.

It is widely known that Wall Street and other investment firms don’t have their investors’ and clients’ needs at the center of their business model. Rather, they are more interested in their own revenue and bonuses. For decades, they have obscured this fact by adding an unnecessary amount of complexity and confusion to their investment offerings.


The refreshingly contrarian approach we take at Clarity is to clarify the opportunities and offerings and allow nothing but absolute transparency in all of our dealings with our clients and investors.

There will never be a time when you, as the investor from a family office, are uncertain of what is happening with your invested capital. And you will never find a conflict of interest within Clarity—we just don’t do it.

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