Investment Company in Kansas City

Investment company in Kansas City

About Clarity Equity Group

What’s in a name?

At Clarity Equity Group, we have a Clarity of destination and how we will get there. Everything we do as an investment firm fits into a much larger generational and legacy defining plan.

We aren’t here to make a quick transactional profit and then disappear. Our team is only interested in working closely with others that want to build a long-term, lifelong business relationship. And we are excited to meet you.

Our Values


There is enough obfuscation of the truth and what is actually happening both in the world and in the private investment business. Being deceitful or tricky is not who we are as people of integrity. We are an open book on our strategies, our actions, and our investments with our partners. 


There are so many people in this industry that don't know what they're doing or how they're going to do it. They may talk the talk, but they are unable to walk the walk. Clarity is an investment firm backed with experience and unparalleled acumen.


We know who we are and what our values are. Our closely held values include: integrity, discipline, excellence and alignment of interests. Having this Clarity in our principles makes each of our day-to-day decisions easy to make. 

History of Clarity Equity Group

An investment firm rooted in trust and sustainability.

Investment Company in Kansas City

The origins of Clarity Equity Group started humbly with the investment purchase of a single undervalued mobile home by the firm’s founder Seth Wilson.

From there, Seth slugged through the Great Recession of 2008. He bought more mobile homes on a rent-to-own model, ultimately trading the portfolio to another investor. At the time, Seth was a Lieutenant navigator in the Air Force at Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska.

Investment Company in Kansas City

With the lifelong dream of being an Air Force pilot, Seth was selected by the Missouri Air National Guard to become a C-130 pilot.

Seth attended pilot training in Del Rio, Texas. While stationed there, he had his eye on saving money to buy his first commercial property. In order to save the required downpayment, Seth and his dog Sally lived in a 5th wheel RV for 18 months. Shortly after returning to Kansas City, he bought his first 12-unit property, The Century Buildings, funded exclusively with his life savings. From there, his new investment firm took off.

Investment Company in Kansas City

With more than $65 million in AUM, Seth and his team at Clarity Equity Group have refined the systems and procedures required to grow our investor’s funds with military precision.

Since having a family, Seth’s business plans have now evolved into being a good steward of invested capital, creating lifelong business relationships, and maintaining an investment firm with generational sustainability.

Our Services

Our Kansas City investment firm works on a wide spectrum of commercial real estate.

We offer white glove service to all of our clients and investors, without the high fees and loads typical in other real estate firms. Rather, we ensure an alignment of interests so that first our clients and investors do well—because only then will we do well. This alignment of interest is the cornerstone of Clarity Equity Group.

Capital placement and formation


Private debt and equity syndication and consulting

This alignment of interest is the cornerstone of Clarity Equity Group.

Our Team

Meet the investment firm that will help transform your asset portfolio into smart and precise investments that work for you.


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We look forward to meeting you.

Discover what can happen when you find Clarity in your next investment firm.


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Investment Company in Kansas City