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A boutique commercial real estate firm.

Clarity works with family offices, UHNWI, and institutions to curate investment opportunities that are off-market and require privileged access to participate in.

As one of the most trusted investment companies in Kansas City, Clarity implements a diligent investment selection process to earn outstanding, risk-adjusted returns to clients across the country. We source and create these high quality, pre-vetted opportunities through our network of experienced professionals.

We know that our alignment of interests, discipline, and complete transparency with our investors and clients have made us all very successful.

How It Works

Clarity is involved in niche commercial real estate investments. Here’s how we work.

Investing in Relationships.

Most opportunities don't pass our rigorous requirements to move forward. That's because for those that do, we invest our own capital along with your family's legacy or institutional investment funds. This is the foundation of an alignment of interest and building an outstanding long term partnership. 

Office Conversions.

We have a deep understanding of the distress in the office property market and the need for more rental housing. This stress can be abated if the puzzle is put together properly, and that leads to outstanding opportunities for well positioned and experienced developers. We are acquiring these office properties at deep discounts and converting them to multifamily apartments.

Value Add Apartments.

Value-add apartment properties have been the bread and butter of Clarity's founder for more than a decade. There is always opportunity in acquiring financially, or managerially distressed property at a discount in all markets and in all economic conditions.

Core Plus Multifamily

Core plus multifamily opportunities requires a keen eye and strong relationships to make successful. These are the best opportunities for investors that are risk averse and still want meaningful exposure to commercial real estate.

Who We Serve

From family offices and other ultra-high-net-worth individuals, and institutions, Clarity Equity Group was formed to promote our clients' best interests.

Family Offices & UHNWI

Opportunistic, Disciplined, and Diligent.

We pride ourselves on aligning interests and offering top-notch commercial real estate and alternative investments to  Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWI) and the legacy funds of Family Offices (FO).


Structured, Sophisticated, Proven.

It is essential for institutions to have a reliable source of deal flow an efficient way to structure investments to maximize returns. Achieving these goals requires expertise, precision and a proven manager. Clarity meets these needs.

Selected Portfolio Opportunities

Skyline Drive Apartments

93 Unit Workforce Housing

10.3x Equity Multiple

Skyline Drive Apartments

Skyline was purchased at a low basis allowing for more than $850,000 in heavy-lift capital improvements over the course of eighteen months. After that time the property was refinanced and the owners took out 120% of their invested equity. The property sold in late 2020 with a greater than ten equity multiple.

Westowne Apartments

144 Unit Apartment

2.3x Equity Multiple

Westowne Apartments

Westowne was purchased off market from an out of state seller. This property needed repositioning in the market, a face lift and new and better tenant base. In less than a year it had meet all of its goals. This property sold in late 2020 for a 4.85 cap rate.

Corporate Circle Apartments

Niche Strategy

Office to Multifamily Conversion

Corporate Circle Apartments

This property was acquired from a lender that had foreclosed on the property. Acquired for less than the cost of the land, this extremely low basis project will convert 200,000 square feet of vacant office into 206 market rate apartments. The return is expected to be a 3.0x equity multiple or a 33% IRR.

Residences at Echelon

Class A Management

Ground Up Luxury Apartments

Residences at Echelon

Clarity has been with Residences at Echelon when it was still just a corn field. Clarity has been responsible for the lease-up and all of the residents in this $35MM construction property. This 243 units Class A apartment is the apex of luxury living in Lee's Summit.

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Connected to Our Investors

Brett L.

Tucson, Arizona

As a conservative investor, I have primarily safeguarded my investments in conservative equities and mutual funds and rarely invest with others. However since knowing Seth Wilson and his team I have felt extremely confident with their understanding of the local market and astute attention to detail in analyzing investments opportunities and risks in real estate.

Jake L.

 Kansas City, Missouri

My wife and I have been looking for tax-advantaged ways to invest our retirement fund. Working with Clarity has allowed us to easily and quickly put our funds to work in properties that are not only safe but also very financially rewarding.

Kate W.

 St. Louis, Missouri

Having worked with the professionals at Clarity Equity Group for a number of years; I know that they fully understand how to deliver on exactly what their investors want. They are my go-to source for real estate investment.

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