Commercial Real Estate Investment Firm in Kansas City

We Purchase Non-Accrual Notes & Many Other Banked Owned Assets.

We specialize in purchasing Non-Accrual Notes, Judgements, and Real Estate Owned.

From our office in Kansas City, we have the ability to purchase and remove unwanted assets from your balance sheet with a sense of urgency and consummate professionalism.

We purchase the following real estate asset types:

Office, Industrial, Retail, Multi-Family, Mobile Home Parks, Bulk REO of single family properties, Self Storage Units

We offer fast, reliable service.

We understand when you have an asset in need of disposition, you want it handled professionally, discretely, and in a timely manner. That is exactly the service that Clarity provides.

As direct buyers of commercial real estate, we offer experience, industry knowledge, and provide creative options to assist during the loan workout process—some of which may bring you closer to the note’s full-face value.


How it Works

Clarity is constantly seeking opportunities to assist banks and credit unions by purchasing unwanted assets that no longer benefit the institution.



At our firm, we believe the best way to start our relationship is by learning about your process for selling any unwanted assets and understanding how your bank has disposed of these assets previously. We have a short phone call to discuss your process when your bank needs to sell.



From there, if you have any assets we request a list of property and notes (tapes) you are looking to sell, either immediately or in the near future. Once we have your tapes, our team will start underwriting and you will receive an indicative bid within 48 hours.



Your bank’s business with Clarity is strictly confidential and we are happy to sign non-disclosure agreements or any other paperwork you may require to start the sale of the assets.



At Clarity we have the capability to pay par for deals that make sense. We are not looking to beat you up on any assets or take advantage of your bank’s situation. Rather, we want to meet sophisticated professionals and foster a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship.


Rest Assured.

With time, you will see that your trust was well placed. You will have a credible commercial real estate firm available to you when you need to liquidate any other non-performing assets, banked owned properties, judgements, etc.

Why invest in a relationship with Clarity Equity Group?

Quick. Professional. Decisive. Like Minded.

At Clarity, we are not agents or brokers. We are property owners; we take no fee or commission to work with your bank. There is no cost.

We won’t waste your time or play games with your bank. You don’t have time for that and neither do we. If you have any unwanted assets, once we receive your tapes, we will give you our honest opinion and indicative bid in less than two business days. If you do not have any current need for our services we will follow-up quarterly to see if anything has changed.

For serious sellers of commercial real estate, notes, judgements, and bulk residential REO, there is no better solution than working with Clarity Equity Group to clear your balance sheet.

Clarity provides active industry expertise with an actual footprint in the current market.

With more than a dozen years of experience in commercial real estate and a sizable portfolio ourselves, our firm understands the process of acquisitions, underwriting and due diligence. 

Clarity understands that selling a note or bank-owned property can be a stressful situation without a reliable buyer available. We have recognized the uncertainty that banks and credit facilities have when it comes time to dispose of unwanted assets or borrowers. We can remove much of the unknown and uncertainty from the process. Clarity has the capacity to purchase non-performing, sub-performing, or performing debt.

Clarity is here to be your institutional-grade back-stop to prevent loss and cover your bank when classified assets, non-accrual, and REO happens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I sell REO directly instead of listing with a real estate broker?
What MSAs and asset types do you work in?
What’s the cost to me?
What price point is Clarity looking for, and how long will it take to close?
What kind of haircut am I looking at taking on these sales?
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