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Clarity Property Management Group works with owners of stabilized and underperforming commercial real estate.

What we do & how we do it.

In a beautifully contrarian approach, Clarity Property Management Group creates an alignment of interest by guaranteeing that we will meet or exceed your financial goals. If Clarity fails to deliver on this promise Clarity takes zero management fees for that month. This is a guarantee with no fine print!

Clarity guarantees that we will meet or exceed agreed upon property performance parameters or else Clarity won’t take a management fee for the sub-par month.

We are so confident in our ability to place and keep the best tenants for your apartment property we also guarantee that if we have to evict a tenant for any reason we will pay for all of the legal fees plus one month’s rent—out of our own pocket.

No other firm will come close to touching our guarantees. There is no fine print! We put our money where our mouth is because we are confident that we will do what we say we will do: making you, your property, and your investment a success.

How it Works

Clarity has a process for all of its actions. To create ongoing success, we sit down with every property owner to complete the following steps. These steps are the foundation to the mutually beneficial relationship between owner's and Clarity Management Group.


Ownership’s goals.

First, Clarity understands that all properties are an investment for the ownership group. With this in mind Clarity sets aside all emotional aspects of the property management business and looks at the hard facts of the numbers. Asking ourselves what is best for the owners?


Identifiable niche.

Clarity will carve out a very identifiable niche for your property within the market. This niche will be widely advertised to attract the desired tenant base.


Tenant persona creation.

Clarity uses proven strategies to ensure tenant acquisition and retention. We survey current residents to identify their satisfaction levels, and what is and isn’t working. This allows information coupled with our experience allows us to create an ideal persona to qualify potential tenants.


Bespoke property plan.

From here Clarity and our ownership partners create a well thought out property plan with identifiable metrics. These metrics are in perfect alignment with the ownership’s goals and desires for the property. If you as an owner don’t have a clear picture of the end-state of the property Clarity is here to help.


Relentless execution.

Once a clear property plan is created, it is then time for Clarity Management to roll-up our sleeves and make the plan a reality. We do this by hiring and working with only the best A-team players. These team members go above and beyond for your property and your tenants. Ensuring the safety of your investment and profitability.

Why invest in a relationship with Clarity Management Group?

Quick. Professional. Experienced. Decisive.

Clarity does things a little differently.

Because of Clarity’s out-of-the-box thinking we are able to take risks in our own business that other management companies would abhor. We make these radical guarantees because we know that our A-team players will get it done. Even during the depths of the global pandemic Clarity Management collected more than 99% of the rent and fees due from the tenants.

Acquisition, Management and Disposition.

These are three distinct and equally important phases regarding the ownership of a property.

Property management is often an afterthought to commercial real estate owners. However, the proper execution of management will make-or-break a property’s profitability, valuation and your partnership’s net worth. The day-to-day, blocking-and-tackling is not a glamorous business, but it is critical to the high performance of your investment property.

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